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Mini courses to break into a career in finance 

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Hundreds of videos...

Easy to follow online courses teaching you the skills needed in private equity, banking or finance:

  • M&A

  • Advanced Excel

  • LBO

  • Modelling

  • Valuations

  • Structuring

  • Due Diligence

  • Net Debt

  • Working Capital

  • SPAs and SHAs

  • Buy & Builds

  • M&A Insurance

  • Deal Origination

  • Advisers

  • Private Equity

  • & Much More...

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Website Overview

Perfect For Those:

A) Trying to break into

B) Already working in

  • Private Equity

  • Investment Banking

  • Corporate Finance

  • Big 4 Accountants

  • Transaction Services

  • M&A

  • Management Consulting

Taught by a PE CFO

The instructor has a decade of experience in the finance industry and has had a rapid career progression, including being promoted to CFO by the age of 30. His most recent role is as CFO for an organisation with $1bn in AUM. The instructors' experience in finance is broad, from Big 4 consulting (tax, accounting, audit and M&A), corporate finance, corporate M&A and private equity. In his tenure, he has led over 100 transactions in his time, including leading the take private transaction of a $300m EV organisation. He is passionate about passing on his learnings, including teaching others how they can replicate this rapid career progression, including to CFO.

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Accelerate your finance career

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